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10pc Paintbrush Set – Mondo Llama


  • 10pc basic paintbrush set for a variety of uses and effects
  • Suitable for use with oil, tempera, acrylic or watercolor paints
  • Colorful wood handles and matching synthetic nylon bristles
  • Includes 5 round, 3 filbert and 2 bright brushes in a range of sizes

10pc Paintbrush Set – Mondo Llama offers a great variety of shapes and sizes to create beautiful painted works of art. The set includes five round, three filbert and two bright brushes, providing multiple thicknesses so it’s easy to paint fine detail lines or fill larger areas on your canvas or page. The colorful wooden handles and nylon bristles color coordinate to help differentiate your brushes while providing a fun look, and the synthetic bristles are suitable for use with lots of paints including oil, tempera, acrylic and watercolor.


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