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9×13 Recycled Poly Cutting Board


  • Lightweight cutting board made from polypropylene for durability
  • Minimal integrated handle hole for maximum cutting surface and easy hanging
  • Reversible design lets you use both sides
  • Dishwasher-safe design offers easy cleaning
  • BPA-free recycled plastic
  • 9in x 13in
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9×13 Recycled Poly Cutting Board  to case  a cutting board made from recycled polyethylene material with specific dimensions. Here’s what each part of the description typically means:

  1. 9″x13″: These are the dimensions of the cutting board, indicating its width and length. In this case, the cutting board measures 9 inches in width and 13 inches in length. The size is suitable for various cutting and food preparation tasks in the kitchen.
  2. Recycled Poly: This indicates that the cutting board is made from recycled polyethylene, a type of plastic material. Using recycled materials in its construction is an environmentally friendly feature.
  3. Essentials: The term “Essentials” is often added to the name of products to suggest that it’s a basic, necessary item for a kitchen or other purpose.


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