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Boys’ Adaptive Rib Knit Swim Short


  • Rib-knit swim shorts with adaptive features
  • Made from a soft jersey fabric with recycled polyester and spandex
  • Above-knee length
  • Flat seams and no tags
  • Hidden opening for abdominal access
  • Full lining, side pockets
  • UPF 50+ provides excellent UV protection13.00

Brighten up your child’s day with Boys’ Adaptive Rib Knit Swim Short – Cat & Jack™ Orange. Specially designed for sensory needs, these rib-knit swim shorts feature flat seams and no tags to eliminate abrasion against the skin. Seams are intentionally chosen to withstand high level activity without irritating the skin. Garment care and size information is provided through heat seal labels, not itchy tags. This garment has been designed with discreet functional openings to allow access to tubing, small objects or other devices. Functional openings may be hidden inside a pocket or behind a flap to provide more privacy for your needs. These above-the-knee swim shorts are made from a soft recycled polyester blend with stretch and feature full lining and UPF 50+ sun protection.

Sensory Friendly products are intended for adults and children who may have sensitive skin, sensory sensitivities, or have sensitivities to fabrics, seams, and clothing in general. Products with Hidden Openings for Abdominal Access are intended for adults and children that may have a feeding tube or other small objects and devices they need easy access to. These openings are hidden in a pocket or behind a fabric flap to make the openings hidden, but accessible.


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