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Cat Scratcher Tan-L Boots & Barkley


  • Corrugated cat scratcher helps satisfy your cat’s scratching urges
  • Durable cardboard construction with corrugated surface for lasting use
  • Catnip pouch inside to entice your feline friend
  • Helps discourage the habit of scratching furniture
  • Recommended for moderate- to heavy-scratching cats

Let your feline friend scratch to their heart’s content with the Basic Corrugated Cat Scratcher Tan-L Boots & Barkley. Made from durable cardboard with a corrugated surface, this cat scratcher not only gives them an ideal surface for scratching, but also gives you a lightweight option that’s easy to move around your home. Featuring a catnip pouch inside, this corrugated scratcher tempts your kitty to use it to relieve their scratching urges, helping to discourage them from scratching your furniture.


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