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Disposable Hand Towels


  • Disposable Hand Towels: US $ 0.75 / Pc
  • Size: 20″x40″
  • Per Case: 120 Pcs/ Carton
Note: All items sold by Case Pack only.
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Disposable hand towels are single-use towels designed for hygiene and convenience. They are commonly used in public restrooms, healthcare facilities, restaurants, and other places where maintaining cleanliness and reducing the risk of germ transmission is important. Here are some key points about disposable hand towels:


Disposable hand towels can be made from various materials, including paper and non-woven fabrics. Paper towels are a common choice due to their absorbency, while non-woven options may provide a softer feel.

Folded or Rolled:

Disposable hand towels are often available in either folded or rolled formats. Folded towels are typically interlocked and dispensed from a suitable dispenser, while rolled towels are usually perforated for easy tearing.


Many disposable hand towels are used in conjunction with dispensers, which help control usage, maintain cleanliness, and reduce waste. Dispensers can be wall-mounted or countertop-based, and they are available in various styles to accommodate different types of hand towels.

Item Size Price. Qty.
Disposable Hand Towels 20″x40″ $ 0.75 / Pc 120 Pcs/ Carton
Note: All items sold by Case Pack only.


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