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Firewood Log Rack Iron Holder


  • EASY MOBILITY: This firewood log rack comes with locking casters for easy placement, and a set of adjustable feet for added stability; easy installation means the choice is yours!
  • SPACE MAXIMIZER: The 2-in-1 design provides 47.5 inches of vertical space for firewood storage while a set of built-in hooks conveniently hold your broom, shovel, poker, and tongs
  • HIGH CAPACITY STORAGE: A three-tier shelf design lets you store ample firewood, kindling, and more with the massive 155 pound capacity distributed on three shelves
  • ADJUSTABLE SHELVING: Modular shelving means easy adjustment; move the solid and slotted shelves to support heavier or lighter items and suit your needs

The Firewood Log Rack Iron Holder is on, and it comes with storage! This powder-coated, wrought iron log rack boasts a high 155-pound capacity distributed over three rust-resistant iron shelves (Top shelf: 22lbs, Middle: 110lbs, Bottom: 22lbs) Removable locking casters allow you to move this stand for easy access or placement. The wheels fully rotate for maximum convenience (360 Degrees) while a set of individual locks add stability and control. If you prefer a stationary storage rack, swap the casters for adjustable feet and enjoy. The tall, 4ft design allows for a high storage capacity without the need for constant refills. This multi-tier design has ample room for fire starts, 4 tools, firewood, and a debris tray! Freely arrange the shelves to suit your fire-tending needs and take advantage of the modular, interchangeable slotted, and solid shelf.

Product Specifications:

Overall Dimensions (12″ x 18″ x 47.5″)
Top Shelf Height (10″)
Middle Shelf Height (29″)
Bottom Shelf Height (7.5″)
Tool Length (21.5″)


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