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Gaiam Restore Posture Back Stretcher


  • Strengthens and corrects poor posture
  • Adjustable, one-fit fits most, strap
  • Includes removeable pads for extra comfort
  • Can be worn over or under clothing
  • Accommodates 26 to 47in chest circumference

Help strengthen and correct your posture with the Gaiam Restore Posture Corrector. This posture corrector has an adjustable strap that creates a one-size fits all fit. It is designed to gently assist with straightening the back and shoulders by pulling the shoulders back to promote proper muscle memory and reduce slouching. The shoulder straps are made from neoprene with holes for breathability and anti-microbial properties. Two removable pads are included for additional comfort wherever needed. The posture corrector can be worn over or under clothing for a discrete look. Designed to easily adjust and accommodate chest circumferences 26 to 47 inches.


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