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Gatorade Squeeze Plastic Water Bottle


  • 32 fl oz capacity
  • Sleek, curved design allows for easy and versatile grip
  • Clear Hydro-View™ strip lets you keep an eye on the fill level
  • Sure-Shot valve reduces leakage
  • Fast-Cap makes it easy to remove, fill and go
  • BPA Free

The evolution of a classic. The hydration standard for team sports.
Keep hydration handy for your next practice or big game with the Gatorade 32 oz squeeze bottle. A sideline staple, this bottle keeps drinks cold and players performing at their peak. This Gatorade bottle is designed with a Fast-Cap that simplifies your refueling process so you can quickly fill your bottle up and get back out there to make your moves. The contour bottle design offers up durability and a comfortable, versatile grip.


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