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Kleenex Perfect Fit Facial Tissue


  • 4 boxes, 50 tissues per box—packaging may vary.
  • Each cannister measures 3.11 in. x 12.52 in. x 7.09 in.
  • America’s softest everyday tissue (among national brands) in a travel pack.
  • Find the tissue box for your style with outstanding pack designs.
  • Skip the store and get Kleenex Perfect Fit Facial Tissues delivered.
  • 100% of our pulp is from responsibly managed forests.

Life’s little messes can come up anywhere – even in your car! With Kleenex Perfect Fit Facial Tissue – 4pk/50ct, you get 4 boxes of 50 tissues, so you have plenty of car tissues for any occasion. Designed for runny noses and watery eyes, America’s softest everyday tissue among national brands features soft, durable, thick 2-layer facial tissues in a convenient travel pack, so each container fits perfectly in car, truck or SUV cup holders. Plus, you can find a round tissue box that fits the occasion because each tissue canister is available in various colors and designs. Got the sniffles? Help soothe that runny nose by trying a box of Kleenex Soothing Lotion or Kleenex Ultra Soft facial tissues.


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