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Kodak Mobile Slide & Film Scanner


  • Smartphone required, simply download the free Kodak app for your smart device
  • The tray with internal backlight can fit both 35mm negatives and 35mm slides
  • Align smartphone camera on top of the scanner and choose option from the app to start scanning
  • App allows unlimited creativity. Edit and add effects to your newly scanned images
  • Battery operated with simple on and off switch located at the bottom of the unit (AA not included)
  • The scanner is easily collpasible. Fold down this compact unit for easy storage
  • Unfold the wings underneath and slide the legs into the base to set this easy-assembly unit

Kodak Mobile Slide & Film Scanner. On the surface, it’s a cute little box. But put it together, place your smartphone on top, and old photographs ‘go digital’ in seconds. Our handy scanner is crafted of light cardboard, making it easy to fold down into a small, compact package for portable ease. A built-in LED backlight also helps illuminate your old 35mm films and slides, while the dedicated KODAK Mobile Film Scanner app lets you control everything and edit images on your smartphone screen.


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