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Learning Resources mores Calming Kit


  • Sweet Sensory Fidget Toy Fun: Squish, spin, and press—kids discover fun new ways to fidget with this set of sensory fidget toys inspired by sweet s’mores treats!
  • Guided Social-Emotional Learning Activities: In addition to sensory fidget fun, this set also includes 15 guided calming activity cards, as well as an illustrated emotions poster to help kids identify and talk about feelings!
  • Ready for Home or Classroom: These fidget toys are ready for fun at home or on-the-go play, or in classroom calm down corners, school counselor supplies, or therapy games for kids!
  • Ages and Stages: Specially designed with little ones in mind, this sensory fidget toy help kids as young as 3 build essential social-emotional learning and sensory skills!

Gather around the calming sensory campfire with these friendly sensory fidget toys! Kids discover sweet ways to reset and build social-emotional learning (SEL) skills when they play with the S’mores Break! Sensory Fidget Activity Set from Learning Resources. This set of three s’mores fidget friends comes with all kinds of fidget fun—kids can squish the s’more, spin the cocoa marshmallow, and pull the nested cinnamon roll! There’s more than just fidget fun here, though—the S’mores Break! Sensory Fidget Activity Set also comes with guided calming activities that help kids get centered, as well as an illustrated emotions poster that helps them identify and talk about what they’re feeling. This set of preschool sensory toys is ready for fidget fun at home or on the go play, as well as use in classroom calm down corners or school counselor supplies, or even as a therapy game for kids!

From sensory bin essentials to fun ways to fidget, award-winning educational toys from Learning Resources engage kids’ hands, brains, and senses through screen-free, hands-on play. Designed to help lower stress, provide calm after challenges, and regulate emotions, these sensory toys give kids the tools they need to be the best versions of themselves. Made from durable, BPA-free plastic, our sensory toys are ready for years of learning fun at home or in the classroom.


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