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MindWare Make Your Own Birdhouse


  • Make it Yourself: No extra tools required! Start by assembling pre-cut wood pieces, then use the included paints and brushes to add a truly personalized touch. Hang it outside to attract birds when you’re done!
  • Create and Learn: The included guide features paint mixing and brush techniques to learn basic artistry, plus birdhouse basics and how to identify birds that you may see come to your birdhouse!
  • Functional: The sturdy pine wood pieces help to create a hardy finished product that can hang outside! Use the bird guide book to watch for what birds come and visit your birdhouse.

MindWare Make Your Own Birdhouse It’s a birdhouse craft that is a step above the rest! Made of thick pine boards that slot together for easy construction, this sturdy birdhouse is designed for outdoor use. The kit includes a large brush for quick coverage, a small brush for detail work and plenty of paint. Wooden hanging hook and twine are also included. MYO kits offer easy-to-make crafts for boys and girls that include all elements and tools needed for completion.


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