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Mizuno Men’s Mizuno Long Sleeve Tee


  • Beveled Trailing Edge: Aggressive relief on the trailing edge for reduced turf drag
  • Lightweight fabric: Allows athletes to feel cool during play.
  • Crew Neckline Construction: comfortable neck opening that keeps shirt in place during running,
  • training or lifting workouts.
  • Set-in Sleeve
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The Mizuno Men’s Long Sleeve Tee is a high-performance athletic shirt designed for active individuals. Typically crafted from lightweight and breathable materials, such as moisture-wicking polyester or a polyester-blend fabric, this long sleeve tee offers excellent comfort and flexibility during workouts or sports activities.

Featuring Mizuno’s signature design and branding, this shirt may include advanced technologies like Mizuno’s DryLite or Breath Thermo fabric, which help to wick away sweat and regulate body temperature, keeping you cool and dry during intense workouts.


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