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Pure Enrichment – Mini Dehumidifier


  • TRANSPARENT REMOVABLE WATER TANK: Easily keep track of the water level as the unit extracts moisture from the air, reducing mildew and other moisture-loving allergens
  • EASY CONVENIENT OPERATION: Our portable and complacent product makes dehumidification simple, with a single switch that turns the unit on and off
  • INTELLIGENT AUTO SHUT-OFF: This unique dehumidifier automatically turns off when the water tank is full for safety and to prevent overflowing

Eliminate damp air in your home or office with the PureDry™ Mini Dehumidifier from Pure Enrichment – Mini Dehumidifier. The unit’s sleek, portable design is the perfect size to keep your bathrooms, closets, and other small rooms free from excess moisture year-round. Use regularly to maintain comfortable humidity levels and to keep your home free from irritating allergens like dust mites, mold, and mildew.

  • Advanced Humidity Control: Eliminates up to 10 ounces of excess water from the air per day
  • Removable Water Tank: Makes emptying and cleaning the unit a cinch
  • Easy One-Button Control: One-touch operation is so simple you can do it in the dark
  • Automatic Safety Shut-Off: Prevents overheating and keeps the water tank from overflowing
  • Swiss Compact Design: Ideal for small, humid indoor spaces like bathrooms, closets, kitchens, and more


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