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Sharper Image Rechargeable Aero Stunt Drone


  • Stunt drone with advanced autopilot and stable hover control
  • Includes 9 LED lights for night flying
  • Rechargeable 3.7V 800mAh Battery
  • Quick flight button for perfect take offs
  • Auto landing feature to ensure a safe landing

Flip, drift, and climb through the air with the Sharper Image Rechargeable Aero Stunt Drone! Perfect for beginners, this compact copter and small remote are all you need to perform exciting stunts and fearless tricks! Glowing built-in LED lights make the stunts even more impressive, day or night.

This impressive pint-sized drone is packed with exciting features to make your flights even more enjoyable. Achieve the perfect takeoff with the quick flight button and begin performing stunts, turns, and aerial maneuvers. Fly like a pro by maintain direction and altitude with the stable hover control feature.


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