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4pk Glass Votive Set Warm Cider


  • Pack of 4 candles to create an inviting ambiance in any room
  • Enjoy the delicious aroma of cinnamon and apple cider
  • Stylish glass jars adds elegance to any room, desk or shelf
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A 4pk Glass Votive Set Warm Cider set with a “Warm Cider” theme typically includes four small glass votive candles scented with a fragrance that evokes the warm and comforting aroma of apple cider.

  1. Glass Votives: Votive candles are small, usually cylindrical candles that are designed to be burned in a small, open container or holder known as a votive holder. In this set, you would receive four glass votive holders to place the candles in.
  2. Warm Cider & Cinnamon Scent: The candles in this set are scented with a fragrance that combines the sweet and spicy notes of warm apple cider and cinnamon. When lit, they release this pleasant aroma, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home.
  3. Pack of Four: This set includes four votive candles, making it convenient for decorating your space or creating a harmonious ambiance with multiple candles. They can be used individually or grouped together for a stronger scent and visual impact.

These votive candles are often used for various purposes, such as creating a cozy atmosphere during the fall and winter seasons, enhancing your home’s decor, or as a part of table centerpieces for special occasions like Thanksgiving and Christmas.


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