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HEXBUG nano Zone


  • HEXBUG NANO BUGS: Watch as these autonomous robotic crawling toys use vibration technology to explore every nook and cranny, scurry across the floor and flip themselves over, just like real bugs!
  • 60+ PIECES: Use these Hexbug building toys to create your own Nano Bugs world! Let your Nano loose in the ultimate playground with 2 Merry Go-Rounds, flexible, connectible walls, cells & more!
  • SENSORY KID TOYS: The Hex bugs nano bugs are the perfect sensory toy for kids and pets, with light-up fun designs and insect-like crawling motion to keep them engaged. Promote creativity and learning with the Hexbugs Nano toy building sets (each sold separately)

Welcome to the HEXBUG nano Zone where kids can build a fun playground for their micro creatures! This playset includes two newly designed nano Flashes, the fastest nano yet! Redesigned with a long slender body and a LED light to brighten the way, the nano Flash can navigate across all kinds of surfaces at twice the speed of the original nano.


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