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PopSockets Magnetic Grip with MagSafe


  • Built-in magnets securely attach to iPhone 12 and newer Magsafe cases and easily snaps on or off for wireless charging.
  • Upgrade your Android, Samsung, Google Pixel, Kindle, or legacy iPhone device using the included magnetic adapter ring (applied to the outside/back of the case). Adapter ring works on most cell phone cases; not compatible with silicone, textured or anti-fingerprint coated cases.
  • New Shape, Same Strength: The new MagSafe PopSockets grip is a compact circular design -easy to slide into pockets and is 40% stronger than standard Apple-compliant MagSafe products.
  • Offers a secure grip so you can text with one hand, snap better photos, and watch videos hands-free.

Our newly redesigned PopSockets Magnetic Grip with MagSafe is a game changer, with the same reliable grip functionality. This product can be used with any MagSafe case made for iPhone 12’s, 13, 14 and 15 models (including Pro and Pro Max). And now, each PopSocket MagSafe Grip includes an adapter ring to give any phone without MagSafe capabilities (i.e.Android/Pixel/Samsung/legacy iPhone case (or any non-MagSafe case) the ability to use magnetic phone accessories. Apply the adapter ring the outside/back of your case to enable magnetic grip technology. Works on MOST cell phone cases


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